Why women SHOULD lift weights!

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Did you know that in a recent survey, 72% of women expressed the fear of becoming ‘too bulky’ as a major reason for avoiding weight lifting? This widespread misconception keeps many women from experiencing the incredible benefits of strength training and achieving their fitness goals.  
Has this thought ever kept YOU out of the gym or on the treadmill and elliptical for hours? As you read you will understand why women can lift weights and not look bulky!  

Let’s address the fear of bulking up. It is common for women to avoid lifting because they have seen men lifting with massive biceps and shoulders. The culture has for so long told women they need to be a size 0 to be “acceptable.” This is how fear and anxiety around lifting can happen. However, women naturally will have a harder time becoming bulky naturally. Women have a lower level of an important hormone, testosterone.  

Women’s hormones do not support women becoming bulky. Testosterone is an important hormone in muscle growth. When women are lifting weights, it is much more common to have muscle tone and definition rather than bulk.  

There are many benefits to weight lifting for women. This includes an increased metabolism, fat loss, increased bone density which will help prevent osteoporosis or osteopenia, and improved posture. Weight lifting will help you develop a sculpted physique and muscle tone.  

Along with lifting weights, nutrition is extremely important. Women should not shy away from eating protein. Protein is going to support the building and repair of your muscles after workouts. Protein will also aid in fat loss. You want to ensure you are eating a balanced diet with protein, carbs, fat and a vegetable at every meal.  

There are myths that lifting heavy weights will make you look like a body builder. Body builders are on very specific regimens to aid with adding muscle and bulk. It is also said that women should stick to cardio, which is also not true. Women can and should lift weights! Women need to be strong and able to do everyday tasks, especially moms who are holding kids and chasing after little ones.  

Do not be afraid of lifting weights! If you are not confident, ask for help. Find a certified personal trainer to help you understand what to do and how you can accomplish your goals.  

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