Why Direct Macros Work so Well

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Counting direct macros is a method of counting macronutrients. There are several macro-counting programs out there that require you to track all protein, carbs, and fat which can be overwhelming and difficult to follow long-term.

Direct Macros use a proprietary macro counting system that only counts the macro that is found in the highest amount of food.

For example, there is more fat in peanut butter than in carbs or protein, so we only count the fat. In peanut butter, the fat is the direct macro, so you will count the 16 grams toward your total fat intake. The protein and carbs in peanut butter are considered indirect sources, so you won’t count them toward your macro total.

Traditional macro counting apps like myfitness pal and Fitbit count macros indirectly this is why you won’t need these types of apps. Simply follow the macro and portion sizes presented to you with this program. To best follow direct macros you will need to use a food scale, see our favorite linked here.

It is important to know that with direct macros, your total macros may look lower to you than what you are used to seeing. This is because some of the additional macros in foods are not counted. Typically an additional 250-350kcal is consumed with direct macros than what has been calculated. So know that this is added to your total consumption. Don’t worry on direct macro nutrition this has been taken care of for you!

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