Sugar, How Much is Too Much?

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Sugar gets a bad rap most of the time in today’s world. While it can cause major health problems in excess, it is also the main component of one of the most important nutrients for the human body – carbohydrates.

So, how should we eat sugar and maximize health, the answer lies not totally in how much, but in how to eat it.

Sugar will cause the blood sugar in the body to rise after eaten. When we are active, eating at regular meal intervals, or having low blood sugar this rise can be healthy and beneficial. When we have excess abnormally high blood sugar can lead to fatigue, feeling ill, sluggishness, hormonal imbalances, and weight gain.

As a general rule of thumb, ~10-15 grams of added sugars in a single serving can be part of a healthy diet. More if you have been more active and less if you have been sedentary. Ideally when eating added sugars in treats, snacks, desserts, etc. a protein and fiber source is included to help regulate the blood sugar response. These are foods such as protein powder, Greek yogurt, fruits, vegetables, grains, and others. Aim to include sweet treats with these ingredients when you can to keep blood sugar balanced and feel your best. It’s not possible to include these foods all the time but do what’s realistic for you.

If you have diabetes or another blood sugar-related condition always follow the guidance of your health care provider. This is not intended as medical advice.

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