Rewriting your identity

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Last week we discussed how to set process and outcome goals. Have you started those? Have you written them down? If you haven’t read that blog post, go read it right now!  

Let’s get into how to set identity goals and what they are.  
Identity goals are defined by who you must become to reach your outcome goals. It is about changing your thoughts about WHO you are.  
When you reach your goal, you don’t want to get there and are unsatisfied with yourself still. You want satisfaction of getting to the goal and that starts in your brain!  

Identity is your thoughts and beliefs we hold true of ourselves! Changing your identity and your belief in yourself is a PERMANENT state of change.  

You need to retake the pen and rewrite your identity!  

“Thoughts are the vocabulary of the brain; feelings are the vocabulary of your body. How you think and how you feel creates your state of being. Most people connect their current state to their past (past problems/negative emotions), and if they’re in the familiar past they are going to crave the predictable future and routine.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza 

Did you know that if you say something out loud it is ten times more powerful than if they think it? Negativity is four to seven times more powerful than positivity. Think about that; if you say something negative out loud it is forty to seventy times more likely that it will happen or create that result.  

What do you need to start, stop or keep doing or keep doing, saying or believing.  

YOU get to create your identity for yourself. If you are constantly repeating negative things to yourself, you will have a negative life. If you are constantly saying and repeating positive things, you will have a positive life.  

You are one positive thought away from rewiring your brain for success and positivity!  

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