Why did you join the program?

I wanted to feel like myself again. I was always tired and had no energy before school started back up. Every part of me was but on the back burner. I wanted to get me back.

What is the biggest positive change you’ve noticed?

One bad meal or even weekend isn’t going to turn all your hard work into nothing.

What are you most proud of?

Just doing the program. I was working full time, and taking a full time amount of college courses. I could’ve given up and said I would wait, but I made it a priority to eat well and exercise. I am starting to feel like me again.

Share your journey in 5-6 sentences on how this program has transformed your life?

Just because you have a bad day doesn’t mean wait until the following Monday to fix it all or to start All over. It’s now you start again at your next meal or the next opportunity you get. There’s no more waiting . Food is fuel not something that should be frowned at.

If you could give your past-self a message...

You really are mentally able to do some of the things you thought you weren’t able to you just need some guidance from some friends. Also it’s so easy to put the weight on but so so hard to get it off. Just keeping the habit would be great.

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