Why did you join the program?

I never want to feel how I felt that day again. I was tired, bloated, and had zero energy. I had back to back baby girls and stopped making my health a priority. I didn’t recognize me anymore, both physically and mentally. I needed to make a life-change and I needed to do it now.
That day, starring into the mirror with tears streaming down my face, I made a promise to myself and my family. I needed to make health and movement a priority so I could keep up with my babies and teach them healthy habits.

What is the biggest positive change you’ve noticed?

The biggest change I’ve created with my nutrition is what I’m fueling my body with and the amount of water I drink throughout the day. Food is fuel. I’m now choosing to eat whole, clean foods instead of processed.
Having two babies under two is busy. I would grab and go. Here is the thing though, I can still grab and go. It is what I’m grabbing that makes it or breaks it for me. I can grab healthy fulfilling foods with nutrients, or grab a sugary pre-packaged snack that doesn’t stick with me.
I am in control of my choices. I am in control of planning and preparing. The food I was eating before left me feeling depleted of energy and never satisfied. Fueling my body with nutrient dense choices now and really zeroing in on proteins, carbs, and healthy fats have given me the energy I need throughout the day to be an active, present, playful mom.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud that I didn’t give up on myself. At the beginning of this program, that was my fear. I was used to taking care of everyone in the family and putting myself last. Here is the thing with that though, you can’t pour from an empty bucket. It is a huge accomplishment knowing that I did this for me the past 12 weeks and was still present with my family. It wasn’t one or the other. It was both!
It will continue to be both. I’m healthier, stronger, and have the energy needed to be the best version of myself every single day.

Share your journey in 5-6 sentences on how this program has transformed your life?

I found me! I’m happy, healthier, more confident, in-control, and strong.
I wake up in the morning and boot camp is part of my day.
I open my fridge, and all of our families’ food is prepared for the week.
I have the energy to be an active mom. By far, the most important thing I’ve gained from this challenge is learning that I’m in control of my choices and my health.
It is hard feeling uncomfortable, bloated, and depleted of all energy. It is also hard taking time to be successful for the week, meal planning and prepping, and getting intentional movement in. I get to choose between the hards though.
I will continue to choose the one that makes me better every single day, the one that pushes me. The basics, nutrition, water, and movement are my daily habits now.

If you could give your past-self a message...

I would tell my past-self that putting yourself first when it comes to your health doesn’t make you selfish. It is prioritizing the most important thing – your health and well-being.

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