Has Your Weight Loss Stalled?

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Feeling like you’ve stalled on your weight loss journey?

First, take a deep breath and give yourself grace. Weight loss is not one size fits all, and the body is a dynamic vessel. This means what works for weight loss will change as the body changes. Now let’s talk about change specifically. Change typically happens when we feel good and are keeping stress at bay. When we are angry, frustrated, pushing the body and or mind to burn out or fatigue, good things don’t usually follow. Once you have been able to adopt a low-stress mindset and environment you’ve set the stage for your goals to happen.

Here are a few foundational habits to implement if you are not already doing them.

Sleep 7-8 hours nightly
Drink ~ half your body weight in oz of water, more on hot summer days
Manage stress at least 1x per week with activities like walking, reading, and yoga
Exercise 2-4x per week
Move for 30 minutes daily (or shoot for 8,000-10,000 steps daily)
Eat protein at each meal
Eat 4+ fist sizes of vegetables daily
Include 1-2 servings of colorful fruit daily
Incorporate 1 full rest day, more if soreness is frequent

Next, check in with your meal frequency. Are you keeping your blood sugar stable by eating every 2-4 hours daily? This is easy to forget or skip if you are busy with work or other activities. Make sure you are eating enough and planning your meals for the day so that you are able to have them. This is the number one deterrent of weight loss we typically see with our clients. Often people think the problem lies in eating too much, but this isn’t always the case. We may be eating too much at one time -because we have not spread calories and nutrients out during the day to meet the body’s needs. This small shift can make a huge difference.

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