Goal Setting for Weight Loss

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There is so much power in setting goals for weight loss. It will help keep you going when you don’t want to. Those days that are tough, your goals will remind you why you are doing this. Goals are what remind you to keep working and give you inspiration or motivation.  

In this blog we will go over why goal setting is so important.  
Goals will give you a clear focus. WHen you define your specific goals to direct your weight loss efforts you will be able to remain on plan to achieve your goals.  

Having a goal will give you a motivation boost. Having a target fuels your determination and commitment! This is especially helpful on days that you don’t want to eat what you prepped, or on days that you just need a reminder of why you are doing this.  

Goals help you track your progress! Set milestones to measure your achievements and stary motivated. These are good goals to have to help you make sure you are staying on point toward your goals. We like to call these process goals!  

When you set a goal, it helps you stay accountable. This will hold you responsible for making healthy choices throughout your day. This helps for moments like when you are at work and there are treats in the break room and you want to avoid them.  

When you set goals you want to make sure they are SMART, sustainable, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. Having a SMART goal will help ensure that your results are lasting. You don’t want to put in all the work only to back slide.  
Goals are important! If you want to keep learning about goals, be sure to read our other blogs!  

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