Recommended Meal Prep Tools

The goal of meal prep is to be a time saver, not a time taker. Meal prep shouldn’t take you 3,4,5+ hours in the kitchen or leave you feeling drained and frustrated. The proper tools can make all the difference. As a registered dietitian I have been making meals for myself, my family, and others […]

A Deep Dive on Protein Powder

Let’s talk about one of the most used supplements on the market today. Protein powder. If you’re not currently using it, most likely you may have tried it at some point in your life. We hear so much about the importance of protein in the diet, especially when it comes to fat loss and muscle […]

Meal Prep Tips with a Dietitian

Make Meal Prep a Simple Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle The secret to meal prep is that it needs to work for your lifestyle, or it won’t work at all. I have worked with now thousands of clients on this topic, 1 on 1 and through group workshops. The thing I most commonly see is […]