Why women SHOULD lift weights!

Did you know that in a recent survey, 72% of women expressed the fear of becoming ‘too bulky’ as a major reason for avoiding weight lifting? This widespread misconception keeps many women from experiencing the incredible benefits of strength training and achieving their fitness goals.   Has this thought ever kept YOU out of the gym […]

Leveraging Fitness Trackers to Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals

You see them all the time, right? People wearing watches and “checking their rings.” What does that mean, what does it do and WHY are wearable fitness trackers so incredibly popular? Keep reading to learn how fitness trackers can be powerful tools for goal achievement.   Using and wearing a fitness tracker can help you […]

Goal Setting for Weight Loss

There is so much power in setting goals for weight loss. It will help keep you going when you don’t want to. Those days that are tough, your goals will remind you why you are doing this. Goals are what remind you to keep working and give you inspiration or motivation.   In this blog […]

Rewriting your identity

Last week we discussed how to set process and outcome goals. Have you started those? Have you written them down? If you haven’t read that blog post, go read it right now!   Let’s get into how to set identity goals and what they are.   Identity goals are defined by who you must become to […]

Goal Setting For Success

Are you someone who sets goals, starts out strong and then inevitably never achieves them? Do you set big lofty goals that sound great but then do not know where to start or how to get there?   There are three types of goals, outcome, process, and identity.   Outcome goals are the goals that […]

High Intensity Interval Training for Fat Loss

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a type of exercise where you do short bursts of intense work followed by a rest period. It is a great way for losing fat and getting fit.  There are many gyms that offer HIIT classes which make it even easier to get this done and you won’t have to […]

Benefits of Strength Training

Everyday people out there are working out to “look better.” Some will run miles and miles in the hopes of losing weight and looking the way they want to. Others will sweat it out in group classes that send your heart rate through the roof. Have you ever started a workout routine and quit because […]