Diets have failed you.

Not feeling good about your body is bad enough. All of the over-promising and under-performing diets that lead to messed up metabolism, yo-yoing weight, and self-esteem issues add insult to injury.
I’m Matt, founder of Direct Macro Nutrition. It was my personal struggle with weight that made me so determined to crack the code on why most diets didn’t work. When I finally found a sustainable way to reach my own goals, I became passionate about helping others do the same.
First and foremost, our approach is not a diet. Instead, we focus on awareness, mindset, intentionality, and simplicity.
The truth is, I discovered Direct Macro Nutrition out of desperation. I was an overweight kid with too much of my childhood overshadowed by obsessing about what others thought of my body. Swimming, locker rooms, and group photos filled me with dread.
These painful experiences drove me to learn about weight loss and why it was so elusive. I got a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology and a master’s degree in exercise science. But it wasn’t until I was working at a gym and saw my co-worker get incredible results by following a nutrition plan that things really started to change for me.
I began experimenting with meal planning and, after much trial and error, started to see remarkable results in my own body. This discovery eventually became Direct Macro Nutrition.
Since then, I’ve had the honor of coming alongside hundreds of thousands of struggling men and women, helping them manage their weight through my approach and, finally, experiencing lasting transformation.
You deserve success, too. And, it just takes one “yes” to start.

Join me (+ a community of diet rejectors) for the Direct Macro Nutrition 12-Week Program!

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We hate broad promises of extreme results. Our program is designed to fit your unique body so you can safely reach your goals.


From our staff to our Facebook community, you'll be with people who understand the challenges and pain points of this journey.


We've worked hard to eliminate all obstacles to your success. We'll coach, encourage, and educate; and promise you'll never feel judged.


Whether you want to dig into the details or simply follow the steps, we've made the science easy to understand and apply.


From recognizing old wounds to unraveling negative self talk, we fully believe creating a healthy mindset is vital for transformation.


We're not here for quick changes that don't last. We help you transform the way you think and eat so you can feel better for life.